About Us


Rosaleen Activewear, LLC® is an online clothing and lifestyle brand who specializes in high-end Activewear for youth and young adults. Rosaleen Activewear® designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind Activewear for sports teams, clubs, and businesses and offers many options of apparel decoration from rhinestones to traditional embroidery or screen-printing. Rosaleen Activewear prides themselves on offering personalized customer service to each customer, team, and business to look and feel their best while working towards meeting their goals.

Rosaleen Activewear® began in 2017 when we were sitting at USA gymnastics events most weekends and had a thought that we too could make money while sitting here. It became a way for us to fund our own gymnast’s dream, which seemed to be just like all the other girls, to become an Olympic gymnast.  We named the business after our Irish heritage and combined it with something that symbolized our gymnast, whose middle name is Rose.

Rosaleen is an English version of the Irish name Róisín meaning “little rose.”  Just like a rose, we as people are highly organized, detailed, and complex entities of beauty in the process of continuous bloom and growth.

Rosaleen Activewear's mission is to develop happy, healthy youth who feel good in their own skin while supporting their mental health. Our mission of supporting the mental health of youth is cultivated out of concern about the youth national mental health crisis and recognizing that youth today are highly impacted by what they see on social media.  We want youth to learn and understand that they are more than a label the world assigns to them.

Our vision is to market affordable and fashionable Activewear that youth are proud to be wearing year after year. We desire to offer a place of inclusion, kindness, and respect while building the confidence of each individual who wears our clothing. 

We hope you will join us by signing up for our email list, where we will offer mental health tips and other exclusive content.  As always, we are open to hear your feedback and suggestions and welcome you to contact us at rosaleenactivewear@gmail.com.