Free Shipping in the United States with a minimum order of $65.
Free Shipping in the United States with a minimum order of $65.

Ambassador Application

Being an Ambassador with Rosaleen Activewear is something that we take very seriously, and we want to make sure that you not only want to be an ambassador, but that you also are a good fit to represent us.  We want this to be a give and take relationship during the entire ambassadorship.  Our desire to run a business is not just to be successful business owners, but also to make an impact on those who choose to engage with us.  Whether this be through a social media post, a purchase from the website, or because they meet one of us at an event.  Because you will be potentially representing Rosaleen Activewear, this responsibility will now fall on you as you interact with others virtually or in person. 

 A Rosaleen Activewear Ambassador will be expected to encourage and empower their teammates, friends, and the Rosaleen Activewear community.  It is not expected that an Ambassador be involved in an organized sport and we will accept applications from both youth and adults. It is required that you are familiar with our brand and that you have owned and worn our activewear prior to being accepted as an ambassador.   

Our desire is to build a community where we can learn from each other.  You must be open-minded and willing to engage in tough conversations when conflicts arise.  With all this in mind, please be prepared to understand that this program is NOT just about posting pictures on social media and getting free products.  It’s about the people, not about the product.

 Thank you for wanting to be part of the Rosaleen Activewear community and for taking the time to complete this application! 



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